"I am pleased to recommend Amanda Steiger as a great massage therapist. I had injured my back three years ago, developed sciatica, and could hardly walk without pain. I tried out traditional medical doctors, physical therapists, an acupuncturist, and two other massage therapists, but without relief. But, when I found Mrs. Steiger, after three sessions, she used the right technique (that the others didn't know) and I was cured on the spot. I got off the therapy bed and was without pain. A miracle. So, I've gone to her ever since. She's great and very professional and congenial. Finally, my son, who has had headaches his whole life, went to her and after two treatments, his headaches are a thing of the past. Thanks, Amanda!" David Corcoran, Editor and Publisher of the Glenville Democrat Newspaper 

Jody of Braxton County Rehabilitation Center in Sutton, West Virginia contacted us in early 2015 to provide their staff with monthly onsite therapeutic massage services. The employees look forward to our returning each month to provide this beneficial service, and many report how much better they feel afterwards. Jody has long recognized the importance of providing them this needed therapy, and knows it can help lower stress levels, reduce high blood pressure, ease tension head aches, lift mood, and ease the pain of contracted muscles. 

Call to schedule a time for us to provide onsite therapeutic massage services to your valued employees. We look forward to helping improve their health and well being!

"I have severe arthritis in my hands, and often have a difficult time holding things, and was amazed at how much the Hot Wax Treatment helped my hands," Rob Singleton, owner of Burnsville Auto Parts (Napa), Burnsville, WV.

"I had thoracic outlet syndrome, which is severe constriction of the pectoral muscles, which compresses on the nerves, artery and veins that go to the arm, which can cause atrophy of the arm. My arm was half the thickness of the other, and was not usable. I was not able to work. Physical therapy did not help, because there was not enough blood flow. 

My neurologist suggested that I have my first rib surgically removed to help relieve the pressure off the muscle. I told the doctor that "God gave me this rib and Man is not taking it back". I had heard about Amanda Steiger, and decided to utilize her massage therapy services to see if it would help. IT DID!!! Wonderfully!!! I started out with Zero Pound grasp and after six months, I was able to go back to physical therapy and begin building my muscles back up to a 16 pound grasp! ", Anna of Braxton County, West Virginia.

West Virginia Massage Therapy

Wellness and Caregiver Resource Center

Amanda L. Steiger, LMT

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for an Appointment!

Available Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, unless out on Corporate Wellness sessions.

Please call to verify availability.

Evenings, Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons by appointment only.


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We specialize in and provide the following services...


Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue

and Swedish massage therapies,



Hot Wax treatments to help reduce foot and hand pain caused by arthritis, and other joint problems.



Massage Therapy Rate: $60 per hour

Discounts provided to 

Active and/or Retired Veterans and Law Enforcement Employees.

Help increase employee retention, improve productivity, and reduce on the job stress!

We can provide regularly scheduled Therapeutic Massage for your employees, which can be done during their lunch hour or breaks.

Call us today to schedule!

Consultation and Presentation Seminar Services available for....

  • Chronic Pain 

  • Health Fairs

  • Repetitive strain injuries and why muscles hurt, great seminar to help reduce on the job injuries!

  • Stress Relieving Techniques

  • Wellness Seminars


We are conveniently located in....

Flatwoods, WV, Exit 67 on I-79 at 89 Mid Mountain Lane, across from the GoMart East side of freeway, just pass Lloyd's Hardware, we're the first driveway on your right, go all the way to the back, and our office is the building with the covered porch.  

Please schedule an appointment to ensure adequate time for your evaluation and proper therapeutic treatment.